With Groups in Amherstview, Sydenham, Verona, Perth Road, Joyceville, Gananoque and the City of Kingston.

Kingston Scout Museum

The 35th Baden Powell Guild Guild and Brotherhood Committee put forth the seed money to start the Kingston Scout Museum for the 100 anniversary of Scouting in 2007 honoring our members that had a dream to create an Area Scout Museum for our youth to understand where Scouting began.

The Museum welcomes Scouting Groups to arrange for tours and meetings at Selby Hall.  The Museum Committee hare further working to sort through the donated items that are stored at Crawford Hall and personal homes.

The Museum committee welcomes new members as they endeavor to carry on what started some 100+ years ago.

To contact the Museum for a Tour please contact Judy Keleher:  judy@siliconweb.org